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Do you want the truth? Can you handle it? Here you go. The Borg Tattoo Machine truth.

Borg Tattoo machines are made from the finest components money can buy. Our tattoo machines are handcrafted in the USA to the tightest tolerances we can machine on top of the line, CNC technology. Then our tattoo machines are tested and tested. Then tested again. All of this is to make sure Borg Tattoo Machines meet the highest quality we can possibly offer. Oh, then we put our name on it and a guarantee.

This is our signature series coil Borg Tattoo machine, our original and the finest tattoo machine on the market as far as we can tell.

  • Available in Liner and Shader setup.
  • One-piece solid frame in either steel or aluminum.
  • Size: 3″(l) x 1.2″(w) x 3.1″ (h)
  • Weight: Steel 6.7 oz,  Aluminum 5.5 oz

This tattoo machine has an extremely well-balanced design. It offers great features like silver contact screw, perfectly hand made 8 wrap coils. Liners are set up with .018 cutback front springs and .018 rear springs with a 33uf capacitor. Shaders are set up with .020 front spring and .020 rear springs with a 47uf Capacitor. All the tattoo machines parts are made in our shop.

Borg Tattoo machines have a lifetime warranty, as long as nothing is altered. Warranty is non-transferable.


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