About Borg Tattoo

The Borg Tattoo Team (Brandon, Karl, Andy)

The Borg Tattoo Team (Brandon, Karl, Andy)

Borg Tattoo machines are all hand made in Hudson Massachusetts at the shops of Borg Design. We take extreme pride in the quality and effort we put into every machine we build. Each machine has our unique and light weight one piece frame. This is the defining part of our machines. No other machine has a frame that is as light weight, strong and balanced in the industry. We then add our hand made coils. We don’t use plastic bobbins to wind on we wind directly on the steel. This give us that little extra pop. All of our coils are then covered and protected to give you years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Our machines weigh in at only 6.7 ounces for the steel version and 5.5 ounces for the aluminum version. Both are made of the highest quality materials and milled on our, in house, CNC Horizontal machining centers. The solid frame construction allows for better electrical flow and superior strength. Liners are set up with .018 cutback front springs and .018 rear springs with a 33uf Capacitor. Color Shaders are set up with .020 front spring and .020 rear spring with a 47uf Capacitor while Black and Grey shaders can be altered to a set up with .020 front spring and .018 rear spring with a 47uf Capacitor.

Borg Tattoo hard at work

Hard at work.

All of our machines can be setup up specifically to your needs. We can make them run as fast or slow as you the user would like. We can make them be soft shaders or hard color packing machines. The liners can run fast and hard as you want or run slow and soft. There is no best way to setup a machine, it comes down to how you are used to running your machines. Just tell us how you like them to run and we can set it up for you. For the users who like to tinker with the setups all of our machines can adjusted to run how ever you like.


We worked with some great tattoo artists to develop and design a superior engineered, high-end tattoo machine. With our design engineers and the input of these artists, like Joe “Zaza” Peterson of Zaza Ink, we are able to create a balanced and lightweight machine. Allowing the Tattoo Artist more freedom and control while reducing fatigue on the users hands and wrists. Our unique frames are machined out of solid blocks of steel and aluminum, there are no weld joints or screw connections to wear down and break over time. Our frames are lightweight and balanced, so that they feel smooth in the artist’s hand. We make all pieces of these machines in our shop. Frame, Armitor bars, yokes, posts, sterling silver contact screws, coil cores and brass washers. The capacitors are assembled by us assuring quality. Each machine is hand tuned and individually setup. All of our machines come with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Here’s a quick video of our state of the art CNC machining in progress.


To order please see our store page or contact us or call at 978-562-1559.

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If you prefer, you can also order and pay via credit card by calling 1-978-562-1559 ask for Andrew or Brandon.