Here's what some are saying about Borg Tattoo Machines

“I have 4 Borg tattoo machines..and I only use them for my tattoos now.. realistic, Japanese..for all my tattoos. Borg tattoo machines are really good balanced and very lightweight.. soft but strong.. very gentle for skin.. Perfect machines I think..LOVE THEM!!!”

“I’ll keep it simple. These machines have been fantastic. I was almost worried they felt too light having been used to my others, but they’re so soft in the hand and so soft on the skin. I’ve been able to blend and saturate far easier and far smoother than with anything I’ve ever had before. For me, a machine that I’m able to move around quickly with while both saturating as needed and keep from working the skin too hard is a near perfect tool. I say near because I want my next machine’s engraving to be in green.”

“Love these machines. I replaced my pneumatic with a Borg and haven’t looked back. The weight and balance made the transition real easy as did the price. Performs like a machine that costs twice as much and is almost definitely sturdier than one(I dropped one off of my second story porch sorry Borg). Thing still works like the day i got it. Never had a problem with them. Never even had to adjust them.”

Nate Euvrard - Borg Tattoo Artist

“I only use Borg machines..i helped test Borg machines from the start.. I’ve been tattooing 15 years and i have a lot of machines ..these machines are built to last and to take a beating ,i cant think of another machine id rather use…i have steel and aluminum…so whatever your looking for you can rely on a Borg machine.. ”