Cale Turpen

Cale_TurpenCale Turpen, Borg Pro Team member and super hero to Borg Tattoo Machines for years.

With over 6 years experience in the tattoo industry throughout the galaxy, Cale Turpen has proven to be one of the most awesome and animated space pirates in the tattoo industry. With multiple cosmic awards to his name, Cale has earned huge respect amongst rebels and tattoo enthusiast alike.

Cale specializes in custom artwork, portraits, black & gray, geeky, realistic, bright colors and cover-ups. You may have seen his work in space and on strange planets universe wide.

Cale Turpen co-habitates and sometimes unlocks the door at Outsiders Ink in Tulsa, OK.

Outsiders Ink Tattoo
3735 S. Harvard Ave
Tulsa, OK. 74135
(918) 749-8282

If you’re not in Tulsa you can also catch him at tattoo conventions across the United States. To book an appointment with Cale Turpen you can contact him at and