D’bo Praytor

borg-tattoo005D’bo Praytor Artist/Owner/Operator Inkworks Tattoo Grove, Oklahoma D’bo Praytor is a professional tattoo artist. He currently is an owner and artist our of Inkworks Tatoo in Grove, Oklahoma. Once you read his Q&A below you’ll instantly understand where his passion and incredible talent come from. Also, make sure to check out his work in the gallery too. Amazing. Question #1: What or who got you into tattooing? I got into tattooing at very young age. My mother was a tattooist, you pick it, she could stick it. I started drawing designs for her customers at 12 years old. Watched closely to learn a trade and started getting first hand full on lessons at age 14. Apprenticed under my mother and receiving my first license at 18. The rest is history. 2. What tattoo artists have influenced you the most? Some of my most influential artists would have to be Jack Rudy, Gill Monte, Bob Tyrell, Tim Kern, and Oliver Yulliand. 3. Briefly describe your personal style. My style is definitely hard to categorize. Old school in method, modern color and technique, and custom designs. I call it retro! I have intentionally not let myself fall into any one category in my career not to limit my field. 4. Tell me something no one knows about you. I have studied all forms of art and work in my mediums. Sculpting, painting, drawing, tattooing, and even playing music. However, I have a very useless degree in architecture. 5. What do you like about conventions? The conventions give me an opportunity to a wide variety of different artistic styles and designs, that I wouldn’t get to do in my small town. I enjoy spending time with other artists, studying their own form of art and techniques. 6. Which convention is your favorite? I don’t know that I can just pick one, but would have to say Ink Life Tour due to the family sense and camaraderie involved. Because one of the tour stops is in Oklahoma it also allows me to bring my lifestyle to many that do not see it and show a lot more of my work at the convention. 7. What motivates you? I am motivated by my family, my peers, and the industry in general. I strive to be recognized for my technique, style, creativity, and execution. 8. What is your favorite machine? Favorite Ink? My favorite machines are: Borg Tattoo Machines, Fowler Time Machine, and my Tommy Gun Shader. Favorite Ink: Eternal Ink, its smooth, dependable and vibrant! 9. What are your thoughts on the industry? The industry breaking through the mainstream is fantastic. It really opens new avenues of styles and progression of the art of tattooing. I’m Proud to be a part of it.