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This Borg Tattoo Machines t-shirt says more about you in 5 seconds than anything else. It’s not only a sweet Borg tattoo t-shirt , but it says you don’t mind a good adventure. It says you know what you want and you get it. It says “I’m sexy and I know it”.

Actually. It says you know quality when you see it.

These Borg Tattoo T-Shirts are cut to fit great. Versions for the men and the ladies are available.

When you wear a Borg Tattoo Machines T-shirt, you not only rock a sweet t-shirt design, and look like an absolute millionaire, but you also make an incredible first impression. In fact, people will want to hand you tons of cash and gifts. Results may vary though but one guy told me us a story that you will never believe.

Wear it wisely.

Oh, and the model cut her shirt to her style. We sell it as a complete t-shirt.

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